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Making exploring new places more mindful and enjoyable

App Design


User Persona

How often do you try new experiences in the city you live in? We often go to the same restaurant, cinema, or park when there are many others out there. Why do we limit our experiences to the ones we are comfortable with? These are the questions DOT DOT DOT is going to explore.


UI/UX Designer



Figma, Wireframing,  Adobe Suite, User Interview, Research, Prototyping


Designer: Aishwarya Bagaria, Caffrey Feilding, Yunxuan Wang, Sophie Chen


Oct 2019 - Dec 2019

Mission Statement

In the modern age, a sedentary lifestyle has become popular. Often we stick to places we are most comfortable with making it difficult for us to become more integrated in the environment we live in. DOT DOT DOT creates an opportunity for users to become motivated to explore their surrounding in an accessible, convenient, and most importantly enjoyable way. 

Target Users

The users of dot dot dot can be split into two groups our primary users and our secondary users

Primary User

Age Group: 20-40 yrs old




Working Professionals

Secondary User

Other potential users and their trips


Business Trips & Confrences



Initial Research

With existing navigation systems in mind we went to research what is already on the market and what each product offered. Then taking what we learned we began user interviews to create a user persona and initial journey map

Artboard 2_2x-100.jpg

Through our user interview we discovered certain pain points and opportunities to explore. 

Frame 14.png

Users expressed an interest in the idea of exploration but found it tedious to plan and look for areas and are intimidated by unknown locations

Frame 15.png

Users were most excited by the idea of feeling lost and discovering the new locations themselves


Frame 6.png

Through our research process, we learned that most people primarily use their phones to discover new places and navigate to these locations. Therefore, we decided to develop a mobile application that will allow users to discover new places within the city they live in.

We focused on the exploration side of the app as that is the main focus of our application. We wanted to create an effective interface that is interesting but also does not distract the user from their environment. The red dots show potential touchpoints within the interface

Information Architecture 

UX Blueprint.jpg
IA. colour.png

Within our service, we provide a closed-loop connection of data through blockchains. For example, the app tracks the amount of money and time you spend throughout your trip by taking data from each location you go to and sending it back to the server. We create a safe and effective way to utilize our users' data.

Frame 7.png

First Prototype             

Hi-Fi Prototype

We developed a high-fi prototype based on our user feedback. We focused on mostly changing how users input or see information as well as branding our product.  

Frame 9.png

Users loved the concept of our app and the visual design. But found that they wanted more information on each location the app suggests. As well as adding a review option for a more community-based experience. 

User Testing

Final Product

Taking from our feedback we added an option to tap on the dot to get more information on each location as well as incorporating a review system.  

home mockup.png
Planning trip mockup.png
more information mockup.png
review mockup.png

Review System

Home Page

Information Input

Additional Information

Video Demo

The video below illustrates how the product is used through our user Hank and one of his journey's in the app

What Makes Us Unique

Trip Planning 1.1.png

Creating a trip for you

Set your mood, time, budget, and number of friends to create the ideal experience guide for you.

Navigation - exploring food.png

Feel like you are discovering and creating new experiences

Navigation - exploring shopping.png

Creating a community by providing users with a review system

Navigation - getting to zone 1.1.png

Share the experience with a friend

Navigation - getting to zone 1.2.png
alt Navigation - bar hopping.png

Day and Night Mode

Navigation - safety.png

Safety features


The Human Connection to their Urban Environment

It may seem strange at first that our final product's goal is to reintroduce people to their cities in order to incite more physical connection through a digital means. And that was our thought process at first, we wanted to stay away from a typical app because we thought it would be counterintuitive to our goal. However, after many user interviews, journey maps, personas, and affinity diagrams later we discovered that what we thought would be best for our users did not match the needs that our users expressed. So instead we had to change our mindset in order to view things through the perspective of our users. They showed us that the easiest way for them to navigate a city, the safest way for them to find new places is found inside their phones. 

Through empathy, curiosity, flexibility, and constant iterations we designed an experience in the app that incited exploration to be done outside of it. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with such a talented group of students whose creativity, openmindedness, and care for our users guided our designs to where it is now. 

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